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Urtti Arto Olavi
... blindness in millions of patients all around the world. Awards and achievements: 2020 - Takeru & Aya Higuchi Memorial Lectureship Award (Japan) 2015 – Suomen Valkoisen Ruusun I luokan ritarimerkki (Knight, First Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland) (Finland). 2014 – City of Kuopio, Golden Recognition Medal (Finland). 2014 – Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Golden Recognition Medal (Finland). 2014 – EUFEPS Senator (Sweden). 2013 – EUFEPS Distinguished Service Award (Sweden)....
Murzin Dmitriy Yuriyevich
... achievements: 2018 – Elected Member of Academia Europaea (UK). 2017 – Elected Member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. 2017 – Honorary professorship, Tianjin University (China). 2016 – Knight, First Class, Order of the White Rose of Finland. 2015 – Honorary professorship, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Russia). 2013 – Åbo Akademi Chancellor Prize (Finland). 2009 – Elected Member of Svenska Tekniska Vetenskapsakademien i Finland. 2008 – Elected Foreign Member ...
Jaaskelainen Iiro
... Leading scientist's research interests: neuroscience, psychology (interdisciplinary) Awards and achievements: 2015-2016 – Marie Skłodowska Curie Research scholarship, European Union 1993 – Monetary award (10 000 FIM), from «Alko Ltd.”, Finland (award for research works conducted within the master degree thesis). Member of editorial committees of journals: 6/2017 – now – Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 5/2015 – now – International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering ...
Zilitinkevich Sergey Sergeyevich
... Honorary member of the European Geoscience Union. 2015 – Alfred Wegener Medal of European Geoscience Union (European Union). 2012 – Member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Societas Scientiarum Fennica), Mathematics and Physical Sciences (Finland)). 2009 – Member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, Geosciences (Finland. 2003 – Distinguished professor of Uppsala University (Sweden). 2002 – Fellow of Royal Meteorological Society (United Kingdom). 2002 – Member of Academia ...
Salmi Tapio Olavi
... leading scientist are in the fields of chemical reaction engineering, process intensification and chemical kinetics.The leading scientist has obtained research grants in total 5 400 000 euro in recent 10 years, which is an exceptionally high amount in Finland. Last time the interests of Prof. T. Salmi have been extended towards the effects of microwave activation in catalytic processes, especially with participation of hydrogen and oxygen. The current research is focused basically on the conversion ...
Kulmala Markku Tapio
... Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (China PR). 2013 — Honorary Professor of Nanjing University (China PR). 2013 — Honorary Professor of Shandong University (China PR). 2012 — Bayer Climate Award (Bayer). 2012 — Professor of the Year (Government of Finland). 2012 — Honorary Professor of the University of Budapest (Hungary). 2010 — Fuchs Memorial Award by the American Association for Aerosol Research, the Society for Aerosol Research, and the Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology....
Poutanen Juri
... problems can be solved using detectors that we develop. Awards and achievements: 2016 – Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2009 – Member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters Professor at the University of Turku (Finland) Head of the Laboratory 502 «Fundamental and Applied X-ray Astrophysics» of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Belotelov Vladimir Igorevich
... surface plasmon - polariton, light modulation Awards and achievements: 2015-2016 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie research scholarship, European Union 1993 - monetary reward (10 000 FIM) for research works within master degree theses from «Alko Ltd.» (Finland). Member of editorial boards of journals: 6/2017– now - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 5/2015 – now - International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education. 7/2010 – new - Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience....
Karttunen Mikko
... Chemistry and the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) Adjunct professor of materials science and engineering at the McMaster University (Canada) Professor of physics a the Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
Humphrey Caroline
... conducting field studies in anthropology (United Kingdom). 1995 – Honorary Professor of the Inner Mongolia Normal University, Hohhot (Hohhot, China PR). 1993 – Presentation Medal from the University of Helsinki for high achievements in science (Finland). 1990 – J. I. Staley Prize in Anthropology (School of American Research) awarded for the book «Karl Marx Collective». Voluntary Research Director of the Search Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit of the University of Cambridge (United ...
Hanjalic Kemal
... Technical Sciences of the University of London (UK). 1992 – Max Planck Award (in collaboration with prof. Franz Durst) «For achievements in turbulence» research (Germany). 1987 – State Award «First Class Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland». 1981 – member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (full member since 1987). Honorary professor of the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) President of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer ...
Okhotnikov Oleg Gennadiyevich
... on optimized conical multi-mode fiber adapted to generation of high-energy pulses. – Award for innovation, «New technologies in microprocessing of materials», – Finnish foundation «New Technologies». – Senior research grant – Academy of Finland. – First degree prize – P. N. Leedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
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