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Tetko Igor Vladimirovich
... Machine learning methods; Structure-activity property relationship; Bioinformatics. Dr. Tetko was Distinguished Invited Adjunct Professor in Saudi Arabia, Invited Professor in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China, University of Strasbourg, France, Shiraz University, Iran. Author of the Associative Neural Network (ASNN). This is a meta-learning method, which corrects bias of the ensemble methods. Number of publications in the scientific journals indexed by the Web of Science Core Collection ...
Sabelnikov Vladimir Anatolyvich
... 1997 – Full member of the Academy of Space Science named after K. E. Tsiolkovskiy (Russia). 1988 – 1st N. E. Zhukovskiy Award of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry (Russia). Adviser to Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (France)
Temlyakov Vladimir Nikolayevich
... achievements: 2007 – Distinguished Professor at the University of South Carolina (USA). 2006 – Invited speaker (lecture) at the «Analysis» section of the International Congress of Mathematicians (Spain). 2006 – Invited speaker, «Curves and surfaces» (France). 2005 – Invited speaker, «Basics of computational mathematics» (Spain). 2003 – USC Education Foundation Award for scientific research (USA). 2000 – Invited lecturer at the American Mathematical Society (USA). 1989 – Silver medal of the ...
Kachanov Mark Lazarevich
... to the first place out of 400 international interdisciplinary engineering journals. 2014 – Distinguished Fulbright Chair (USA). 1996 – Von Humboldt Research Award for Senior Scientists (Germany) - Visiting professor: École normale supérieure (France), Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany), Technion — Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), Sandia National Laboratory (USA), University of Minnesota (USA). Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Tufts University (USA) Editor-in-chief ...
Snigirev Anatoliy Alexandrovich
... humbleness that our advancements are at the very peak of the world level of development pf synchrotron optics, they have found wide applications in leading centers. wards and achievements: 2014 – Silver Medal Long Service for 20 years of work for ESRF (France). 2011– Gold Medal of the State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia. 2010 – Innovation Award on Synchrotron Radiation from the Society of Friends of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (Germany). Director of the International Research Center ...
Holmuhamedov Ekhson Lukmanovich
... Awards and achievements: 2002 – Award of the President of the American Clinical Pharmacy Association. 1995–1997 – NASA Directorial Foundation Award (USA). 1992 – Professor scholarship for visiting and working at the University of Bordeaux II (France). 1992 – Professor scholarship for visiting and working at the State University of New York (USA). 1989 – Professor scholarship for visiting and working at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Senior research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical ...
Redin Dmitriy Alexeyevich
... Dissertation Council in Historical Sciences of the Ural Federal University (Russia) Depity editor-in-chief of the international journal «Quaestio Rossica» (Russia) Honorary consulting member of the editorial board of the «Cahiers du Monde russe» journal (France)
Hanjalic Kemal
... scientific research conducted under supervision of leading scientists in Russian higher education institutions (Russia). 2010 – Royal Award «Order of Orange-Nassau» (the Netherlands). 2009 – Honorary doctor of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France). 2007–2010 – Marie Curie Professor at the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). 2005 – Foreign member of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK). 2000 – Honorary lecturer of the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland (USA). 1998 – Doctor of ...
Bychkov Evgeniy Alexeyevich
... duration production processes. Awards and achievements: 1993 - First Degree Prize from the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) First class professor of inorganic chemistry and materials science at Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (France)
Grigoriyev Sergey Nikolaevich
... Award from the Government of the Russian Federation in science and technology (Russia). 2014 — Letter of gratitude Chairman of the State Duma (Russia). 2014, 2011 — Gold medals of the International Exhibitions of Innovations «Concours Lépine» (France). 2012 — Grand Prix of the international exhibition of inventions «INVENTECO» of Italy Inventors Association. 2012 — Medal «For Valiant Labor» from the Russian Union of Engineers. 2012 — Honorary certificate «For merit to the urban community» ...
Weber Andrzej Witold
... first year. This is really commendable as the team had had only 7 months to work! Awards and achievements: 2019 - Honorary Professor of Irkutsk University (Russia). 2015–2019 - A*MIDEX Foundation, Endowed Research Chair (Aix-Marseille Université, France). 2015 - Visiting Professor, Ainu Centre for Indigenous Research (Hokkaido University, Japan). 2014 - Nomination for the Partnership Award (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). 2013 - Nomination for Fellowship of the Royal ...
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