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Laboratory for Synchrotron Radiation Detectors
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Physics 2022-2024 075-15-2022-1132 2022
Laboratory for Geochronology and Geodynamics
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Earth studies and related Ecological sciences 2017-2021 14.Y26.31.0012 2017
Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research
Tomsk State University - (TSU) History and archaeology 2013-2017 14.B25.31.0009 2013
Laboratory for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Biology 2014-2016 14.Z50.31.0011 2014
High Energy Physics Data Analysis Laboratory
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Physics 2018-2020 074-02-2018-325 075-15-2019-870 2018
Laboratory for Cognitive Technologies and Behavioural Genetics
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Psychology 2011-2015 11.G34.31.0043 2011
Laboratory for Nanostructured Surfaces and Coatings
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Material Technology 2010-2012 11.G34.31.0028 2010
Laboratory for Linguistic Anthropology
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Languages and literature 2017-2021 14.Y26.31.0014 2017
International Research Centre «Piezo- and Magnetoelectric Materials»
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Material Technology 2021-2023 075-15-2021-588 2021
Laboratory for Super-elastic Bio-interfaces
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Medical biotechnologies 2021-2023 075-15-2021-612 2021
Laboratory for Laser Molecular Imaging and Machine Learning
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Medical technologies 2021-2023 075-15-2021-615 2021
Laboratory for Biogeochemical and Remote Techniques for Environmental Monitoring (BIO-GEO-CLIM)
Tomsk State University - (TSU) Earth studies and related Ecological sciences 2013-2017 14.B25.31.0001 2013
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