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Contract number
074-02-2018-330, 075-15-2019-871 (1), 075-15-2021-639
Time span of the project

As of 30.01.2020

Number of staff members
scientific publications
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General information

Name of the project: Digital personalized aging medicine: network analysis of Big multi-omic data for the search of new diagnostics, forecasting and therapeutics.

Goals and objectives
Research directions: Clinical medicine, geriatrics and gerontology

Project objective: Search for new medical strategies for ensuring healthy aging, increasing life expectancy of the population and, as a result, increasing quality of live.

The practical value of the study
  • We have proposed and have been developing an integrative approach to solving this problem that accounts all the listed factors. The conclusion concerning the decisive role of the interaction between the three main types of genome present in the human organism – nuclear, mitochondrial, and microbiotic - is especially.
  • The Laboratory has been developing a concept of aging as an inflammatory process related to increase of the number of old cells in tissues and propagation of weak inflammatory reaction. This universal process spans like an axis through the whole organism from the intestines to the brain and it is «carried» by active molecules of the so-called «aging phenotype» that cause immune response and provoke aging of cells.
  • Education and career development: We have organized internships at the University of Bologna (Italy) for 2 students, 2 postgraduates, and 3 young scientists.

    Organizational and structural changes:

    On the grounds of the Laboratory an interdisciplinary scientific and practical center of healthy aging and active longevity has been created. It incorporates departments of bioinformatics, aging biology and sociology.


    University of Bologna (Italy), University College London (United Kingdom), Rey Juan Carlos University Madrid (Spain): joint research.

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    Other laboratories and scientists
    Hosting organization
    Field of studies
    Invited researcher
    Time span of the project
    Laboratory for the Oncotheranostics of the School of Chemical and Biomedical Technologies

    Tomsk Polytechnic University - (TPU)

    Clinical medicine


    Tolmachev Vladimir Maximilianovich

    Sweden, Russia


    Laboratory for Experimental Oncology

    N. I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation - (Pirogov Medical University)

    Clinical medicine


    Conrad Marcus

    Шохина Арина Геннадиевна