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Invited researcher

Hemmer Philip Robert

Year of birth
Academic degree
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Professor at the Texas A&M University

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Solid-state materials for quantum optics, subwave visualization, visualization of single molecules, fluorescent coloring centers in diamonds and oxide crystals, nano-scale magnetometers based on diamonds with nitrogen vacancies, ultrasound modulated optical tomography, nano-production of surface plasmon structures, solid-state quantum computations and memory, quantum communications and data transfer using solid-state materials, highly sensitive detection of chemical and biological agents using quantum coherence, ultra-slow and stopped light in solid-state bodies, materials and methods for resonant nonlinear optics, compensation of turbulence aberrations based on phase conjugation, materials and methods for spectral hole burning, materials for holographic optical memory, smart pixel devices, optical correlations, photorefractive applications, atomic clocks

Quote by the head of the laboratory: I suspect that setting complex but well-formulated problems is the best way to develop quantum research and to become a leader in this field. The goal of our project is to produce breakthrough results in quantum physios and development of biosensors. To date, there is a lot of unsolved problems in biology, and quantum probing promises to provide new approaches to solving them.. We can only achieve these goals by controlling all the aspects of the research: from development of materials and algorithms to preparing biological samples and measurements. At the same time, the inderdisciplinary nature of the research gains crucial importance

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2012 – Fellow of the Optical Society of America (USA).

2010 – ED Brocket Professorship Dwight Look of the Engineering College of the Texas A&M University (USA).

2010, 2007 – TEES Fellow Texas Engineering Experiment Station (USA).

2003 – Ruth and William Neely ’52 Dow Chemical Fellowship of the Texas A&M University (USA).

1994 – US Air Force Research Laboratory Chief Scientist’s Award.

1994, 1992, 1990 – AFOSR Star Team Award of the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

1976 – National Science Foundation Fellowship (USA)

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