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Year of birth
Academic degree

Vice-Chancellor and Director of International and National University Center of Nanoscience and Nantechnology of the School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University (India)

General information

Professor Sabu Thomas is a world-class scientist in the field of polymer chemistry and engineering, as well as "green" polymer nanocomposites. Dr. Thomas' pioneering inventions in the field of polymer engineering have made a significant contribution to the development of "green" chemistry and new materials for biomedical, space, automotive and other fields. Polymeric materials and compositions created under his leadership are effective for use as destructible packaging, membrane and filter systems, sensory systems for biomedicine and electronics


Leading scientist's research interests: Chemistry and engineering of polymers, polymer nanocomposites and «green» composites

Quote by the head of the laboratory: Innovative solutions of the team of the Siberian Federal University are important for solving global problems of agroecology.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2014 – «Nanotech» Award for Young Scientists.

2013 – Awarded Materials Research Society of India Award (MRSI).

2013 – Bronze Medal of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI).

2012 – Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry FRSC (United Kingdom).

2008 – Listed in the Panel of most Productive Researchers in India

2007 – Prof. Sukumar Maithy National Award for Best Polymer Researcher (India)

Scientific recognition:

  • Honorary Professor of Siberian Federal University and the European Academy of Sciences;
  • Member of the International Academy of Physical Sciences, Chaudhary Charan Singh University (India);
  • Honorary Doctor of LIMATB (University of South Brittany);
  • Member of the Royal Chemical Society of Great Britain.
Prof. Sabu Thomas’ works have received many international awards, including:

  • National Researcher Award 
  • DST Nanomission;
  • MarFiloxenos Memorial G. Putenkav Best Scientist Award;
  • Academician of the Year Tril Award;
  • India's Best Minds Award in Academic Research;
  • Josef Stefan Institute Award (Slovenia)

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