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Year of birth
Academic degree
Candidate of Chemical Sciences
Field of studies

Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Toronto (Canada)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests:

Materials science «soft matter». Concept, design, synthesis and production of «soft matter» with a wide range of applications including photon crystals, optical limiters, new three-dimensional optical data carriers and biometric media, as well as self-regulating materials for soft robotics. Development of new «ink» for 3D printing. Microfluidics.

Microfluidic synthesis of particles of polymer materials. Development of microfluidic platforms for fundamental research of gas-liquid solutions as exemplified by greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide). Modeling processes of thrombembolia and detection of behavior of obstructive blood clot. Development of analytical microfluidic tools for.

Self-organization. Development of approaches to synthesis of soft materials based on nano-, mezo-, and micro-levels. Study of self-assembly in the context of set geometry under impact of an external field.

Polymers in biology. Advanced biological design strategies for development of polymer extracellular microenvironments for stem and tumor cells. Development of microfluidic libraries of combination extracellular microenvironments. Modeling of cell flow in carry blood capillaries. Creation of materials for methods of imaging in medical diagnostics. Development of new stimulus-sensitive microgels for targeted drug delivery.

Nanoscience. Synthesis and creation of nanomaterials for applications in catalysis, imaging and probing. New strategies of spraying polymer-functions nanoparticles and applying macroscopic coating. Development of nanostructured materials for hydrogen storage, electorchemical carbon dioxide reduction. Development of nanostructured materials with enhanced optical and mechanical qualities. Applications of nanoparticles of natural origin.

Polymers with limited geometry. New mechanisms of consolidation (freezing) of ultra-thin layers of liquids. Study of the effect of lubrication between surfaces of polymer brushes. Study of behaviour of liquids in ultra-thin layers, for example, adhesion, friction and lubrication qualities.

Non-equilibrium phenomena in complex liquids. Study of nonlinear phenomena caused by convection of effects in polymerized and phase-separating polymeric fluids. Applications of such effects for morphology of coatings and films in the paint and coatings industry.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2019- De Gennes Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom)

2017- Chemical Institute of Canada Medal (Canada)

2012- Humboldt Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany)

2012- «Inventor of the Year» from the University of Toronto (Canada)

2009- L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Prize

2005- Macromolecular Science and Engineer Award oft the Chemical Institute of Canada (Canada)

2004- Clara Benson Award from the Council of Canada (Canada)

2002- Scholarship of the Dean of the University of Western Cape (South Africa)

2001- Schlumberger Scholarship of the Schlumberger Foundation (United Kingdom)

1999- International Chorafas Foundation Award in physics and technology

1994- Imperial College London Visiting Fellowship (United Kingdom)

1993- Minerva Scholarship from the Federal Ministry of Education and Science of Germany

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