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Academic degree
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Voluntary Research Director of the Search Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit of the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Anthropology, ethnology, cultural studies, religion studies, oriental studies

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2011 – Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire

2008 – Henry Allen Poe Prize for the Humanities, American Philosophical Society for high achievements in science.

2004 – Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques for high achievements in science

2003 – Honorary Doctor of the National University of Mongolia for high achievements in Mongolian studies

2002 – Honorary Professorship of the Inner Mongolia Normal University for high achievements in Mongolian studies and China studies (Hohhot, China PR).

1999 – Rivers Memorial Medal, Royal Anthropological Institute for conducting field studies in anthropology (United Kingdom).

1995 – Honorary Professor of the Inner Mongolia Normal University, Hohhot (Hohhot, China PR).

1993 – Presentation Medal from the University of Helsinki for high achievements in science (Finland).

1990 – J. I. Staley Prize in Anthropology (School of American Research) awarded for the book «Karl Marx Collective».

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Other laboratories and scientists
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Invited researcher
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Laboratory for the Inter-disciplinary Study of Space

Tyumen State University - (UTMN)

History and archaeology


Bassin Mark



Laboratory for Architectural Archaeology and the Inter-disciplinary Study of Architectural Monuments

The Institute of Archaeology of the RAS - (IA RAS)

History and archaeology


Giumlia-Mair Alessandra

Switzerland, Italy


Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research

Tomsk State University - (TSU)

History and archaeology


Funk Dmitriy Anatoliyevich