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Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Biological Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety of the China National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology (China PR)

General information

Professor Liang has successfully developed «injectable nanomicellar powders with irinotecan» approved by the China Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials with China Resources Pharmaceutical Group. His research is focused on the development of nanopharmaceuticals for clinical tests and transfer of licences certified by the China Food and Drug Administration to pharmaceutical companies for their manufacturing. The researcher's academic interests lay in the determination of the mechanisms of the improvement of the biological availability of nanomedications by means of in vivo nanotechnologies and the development of new strategies to increase the therapeutic effect on cancer, infectious and immune diseases. Professor Liang's, laboratory investigates the enhancement of the efficiency of drug delivery for the prevention and treatment of various diseases on the basis of an understanding of the main physical, chemical, and biological processes related to nano-drugs. Additionally, using in vivo methods we conduct research in the field of nanoimmunology to investigate unique immune reactions occurring in the organism after the injection of medicinal nano-materials and nanoadjuvants. The prevailing part of the research is aimed at the targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules to target cells and tissues in vivo to increase the safety and the efficiency of medications.


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Leading scientist's research interests: nanoscience and nanotechnology, interdisciplinary materials science, interdisciplinary chemistry, biomaterials, physical chemistry, applied physics, pharmacology and pharmacy.

Scientific recognition
Awards and achievements:

2019 — Senior award of the National Plan Ten Thousand Talents (the National programme for the support of highly qualified young researchers, Government of China PR).

2018 — joint award of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2018 — Tianjin Natural Science Award First Prize (Tianjin University, China PR).

2017 — National Youth Science and technology innovation leader (China PR).

2017 — Lead scientist of the High-end Talents and «‎Giant Plan» ‎Innovation Team. (Government of the Hebei Province   (China PR).

2016 — joint award of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2016 — Award from the «Biomaterials» journal.

2015 — Prize from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2014 – Inspection Improvement Award by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

2013 — Outstanding Research Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2012 — Young Pharmaceutics Scholar Award (Chinese Pharmaceutical Association).

2012 — National Distinguished Young Scholar (National Natural Science Foundation of China).

2010 — Special Government Allowances by the U. S. Department of State (USA).

2006 — Fellows Award for Research Excellence by the National Institute of Health (USA).

2005 — Fellows Award for Research Excellence by the National Institute of Health (USA).

2004 — Fellows Award for Research Excellence by the National Institute of Health (USA).

2000 — «DiAo Award» for outstanding research (Chinese Academy of Sciences).

2000 — award by John E. Fogarty International Centre (National Institute of Health , USA).

1997 — Guan Hua Scholarship for postgraduate students (Nankai University, China PR).

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