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Kamenetsky Rina
... (JSPS). 2010 – Biography featured in the book «Who is who in the world», 27th edition. 2004 – Robert W. Langhans Visiting Scholar of the Horticulture Faculty, Cornell University (USA). 1998 – Shemin Foundation scholarship for a research trip to Belgium. 1991 – Abraham and Judith Pasternacki Prize by the David and Paula Ben Gurion for outstanding contributions to research at the Department o Ecophysiology and Desert PLants Introduction. Senior research fellow of the the Volcani Center of ...
Vikharev Anatoliy Leontiyevich
... (South Korea). 2008 – Golden Medal at the Eureka International Technological Innovations Fair for «technology of growing thick crystalline diamond disks and their processing (polishing) for usage in microwave exit windows and optical appliances» (Belgium). 1999 – Honorary certificate of the Labor Union of the Russian Academy of Sciences for long-term service to the Academy (Russia). Head of the department of physics of plasma technologies at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian ...
Thisse Jacques-François
... and achievements: 2010 – Walter Isard Award from the North American Regional Science Association (USA). 2007 – Award from the European Regional Science Association. Professor of the Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics at KU Leuven (Belgium) Senior research fellow of the Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Semiletov Igor Petrovich
... depending on the state of the underwater permafrost and determining their importance for the climate and the ecology. Nowadays this research grew into a number of major international projects. Awards and achievements: 2016 – Di Merito Diploma (Belgium). 2016 – chief editor of the «Newsletter of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Georesources engineering» journal. 2015 – member of the editorial board of the «Arctos» journal, Springer. 2015-2005 – head of grants of the National Oceanic ...
Urtti Arto Olavi
... Finnish Learned Societies, Golden Recognition Medal (Finland). 2014 – EUFEPS Senator (Sweden). 2013 – EUFEPS Distinguished Service Award (Sweden). 2012 – Member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Finland). 2010 – EUREKA, success story (Belgium). 2009 – Millennium Distinction Award (Finland). 2003 – Albert Wuokko Award for Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientist (Finland). 2002 – Honorary Member of Finnish Pharmacists’ Association (Finland). 2000 – American Association of Pharmaceutical ...
Shoenfeld Yehuda
... been the Editor of “Harefuah” – The Israel journal in medicine (in Hebrew). Awards and achievements: 2018 – Award of the Israel Medical Association for medical and scientific contribution. 2018 – Doctor Honoris Causa at Hasselt University (Belgium). 2016 – Excellency Prize of «OMETZ» society, for contribution to the Israeli Medicine 2014 – Doctor Honoris Causa: Distinguished Member of the Slovak Society of Internal Medicine. 2013 – Master Award of the American College of Rheumatism ...
Gorban Alexander Nikolaevich
... Conference "Neuroinformatics-2017" (Russia). 2015 - Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the research field of (bio)chemical kinetics, MaCKIE-2015, Mathematics in (bio)Chemical Kinetics and Engineering, Ghent (Belgium). 2010 - Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Fellowship (Cambridge, UK). 2000 - Clay Scholar, (Clay Mathematics Institute, Cambridge, USA). 2003 - Prigogine Medal (Russia). Research grants: 2021 - CoI, An analysis of diabetes mortality ...
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