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Laboratory for the Mathematical Modelling of Nonlinear Processes in Gaseous Media

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As of 30.01.2020

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General information

Name of the project: Innovative computer technologies for creating a computational workbench for mathematical modeling of problems of high-altitude hypersound aerodynamics of prospective spacecraft in the whole range of Knudsen (Reynoldsв) numbers

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: е 

Goals and objectives

Research directions: Computational gas dynamics, aerodynamics and heat and mass exchange of spacecraft, parallel computing; mechanics of thin gases

Project objective: Creating a computation complex (software package) for mathematical modeling of problems of high-altitude hypersound aerodynamics of prospective aircraft for the whole range of movement modes (velocity and altitude of flight).

The practical value of the study

  • A complex of software for quantitative modeling thermochemical and thermodynamic non-equilibrium hypersonic flows and heat and mass transfer in free molecular, transitional, and continuous modes of flows around different configurations of spacecraft within unified unified (hybrid continuous-continuous and continuous-kinetic) models using efficient numerical algorithms run on a supercomputer.
  • A unique method has been developed to determine regions of laminar-turbulent interfaces on surfaces of aircraft.
  • We have developed and implemented an original approach to generating various types of d block-structured grids with set characteristics near bodies with complex shapes.
  • An efficient numerical method has been developed for modeling hypersound flows of viscous gas near blunt bodies.
  • Fundamental results have been obtained in the field of modeling of dynamics of large-scale thermals in the atmosphere.
  • For the first time our research has shown limitedness of the widely known concept of «nuclear winter».
  • We were the first to perform modeling of three-dimensional collision of the Tunguska meteorite with the atmosphere of the Earth and of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 and Jupiter.
  • Our researchers have developed and implemented a unique approach to active noise cancellation.
  • Fundamental results have been achieved in development of methods of decomposition for modeling near-wall turbulent flows and multi-target optimization.

Implemented results of research:

  • The developed software complexes, algorithms and models are used for designing reusable spacecraft.
  • We have obtained fundamental results in the field of numerical methods of gas dynamics, modeling turbulent flows and generating grids.
  • Achieved results allow to design reusable spacecraft more precisely and in a more economically efficient manner.
  • We have implemented a model of non-equilibrium chemistry taking into account reactions on the surface. For the prospective «Federation» spacecraft, computations of flow around the hull have been completed factoring in protruding parts both on the front shield and on the rear surface in a wide range of attack angles and Mach numbers of the incident air stream.
  • Developed innovative computer technologies and programs have been implemented into rocket and space research and technology, which allowed to significantly increase quality off calculations in the domain of aerodynamics and heat and mass transfer as well as improved efficiency of labor of computational engineers, improve characteristics of products and reduce costs incurred in connection with their creation in many space and rocket R&D organizations of Russia.
  • Developed software complexes are currently used for numerical analysis of aerodynamics heat and mass exchange of the prospective spacecraft «Federation» (Rocket and Space Corporation «Energia»), as well as the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute of the Lavochkin Research and Production Association.

Education and career development:

  • Internships have been organized for members of the academic staff of the Laboratory at the University of Manchester and the Hartree Centre in Daresbury (United Kingdom).
  • Lecture courses featuring leading scientists who are widely acclaimed numerical methods and mathematical modeling have been organized (C.-W. Shu, E. Toro, A. Chertock, V. VВ. Aristov, N. V. Nikitin and others).
  • 4 doctoral dissertations and over 20 candidate dissertations have been defended.
  • Most of the Laboratory's researchers are teaching at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and supervising bachelors and masters dissertations of students of MIPT. They also participate in development and implementation of lecture courses and textbooks in such domains as «Computational Mathematics» and «Mathematical Modeling» of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Organizational and structural changes:

The purchased computational resources are being actively used for implementing projects at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Regular scientific seminars are held with participation of speakers from different universities and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, from Skolkovo and foreign organizations.

Other results:

A model of non-equilibrium chemistry factoring in reactions of the surface in collaboration with our industrial partner (Rocket and Space Corporation «Energia»)


  • University of Manchester (United Kingdom): internships of students and members of the academic staff of the Laboratory within internship programs in modern modeling methods, joint Chinese-Russian-European project of research and education collaboration «Silk Way Universities»
  • Hartree Centre (STFC) in Daresbury (United Kingdom): internships of students and members of the academic staff
  • University of Trento (Italy): collaborative publications, scientific events, internships of students and members of the academic staff, research consulting
  • Brown University (USA): collaborative scientific events, internships of students and members of the academic staff
  • University of North Carolina (USA): certification of adjunct professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, joint scientific events, additional training of members of the academic staff
  • Research Institute of Mechanics of the Moscow State University (Russia), A. A. Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Science (Russia): joint seminars, reading a lecture course at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, skills development of members of the academic staff
  • Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute - TsAGI (Russia), M.V. Keldysh Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), A. Yu. Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Tomsk State University (Russia): joint scientific events, publications
  • Rocket and Space Corporation «Energia» (Russia): commercial agreement for performing computations
  • Skolkovo Innovation Centre (Russia): joint scientific events
  • Xi'an Highway Transportation University (China PR): joint scientific exchange, student exchange within the «Silk Way» university collaboration program

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