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General information
Name of the project: 

Innovations for air and water purification, carbon footprint reduction: nanomaterials and nanocomposites, photocatalytic and electrochemical approaches

Goals and objectives


Researching the impact of the morphology and size of particles of different nanomaterials based on titanium dioxide as well of the structure of composites (nanomaterial @ carbon-containing nanomaterials) on the efficiency of the degradation of sewage water and air contaminants with the use of the photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical methods. 

Project objectives:

  1. The development of a methodology for the creation and manufacturing of electrodes that are based on a composite of nanostructured particles for the electrochemical destruction of of organic contamination in water;
  2. The development of a methodology for the creation manufacturing of samples of new functional complexes based on the nanodimensional anatase and carbon nitride for the photocatalytic decomposition of organic contamination in water and in air;
  3. The development of a methodology for the creation and manufacturing of samples of coatings with controlled properties on the bases of microporous silicon and titanium oxides, the research of their disinfecting properties., the capability to purify air and water from toxic gases and aerosols.

The practical value of the study

Planned result:

  1. Synthesized nanomaterials based on TiO2;
  2. A research of the structural and microstructural properties of the synthesized nanomaterials;
  3. A formed composite nanomaterial @ carbon nanomaterial with the use of the synthesized materials as well as other nanomaterials that have been produced and structurally characterized;
  4. Systems of working surfaces of flow-through electrochemical cells that will be used to decompose organic matter and determines the efficiency of the proposed approach;
  5. A description of the correlation between the microstructure-composition of nanomaterials and their catalytic properties.

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Other laboratories and scientists
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Research Laboratory of Food and Industrial Biotechnology

North-Caucasus Federal University

Environmental and industrial biotechnologies


Poklar Ulrih Nataša



Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University - (SPbPU)

Environmental and industrial biotechnologies

St. Petersburg

Severinov Konstantin Viktorovich

USA, Russia