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Laboratory «Interdiciplinary Research and Educaiton in Technological and Economic Challenges of the Energy Transition (CIRETEC-GT)»

Contract number
Time span of the project
General information

Name of the project:

Technological challenges and socio-economic transformation in the setting of energy transitions

Goals and objectives

Goals of project: 

To create a systemic toolkit (information technology, management, infrastructural and mathematical methods and models) for the monitoring and analysis of the processes of technological and socio-economic transformations in the context of energy transitions.

Project objective: 

  1. To describe and model the transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy.
  2. To assess the costs of decarbonization strategies: a cross-comparative analysis and planning road maps.
  3. To conduct a scenario planning of the convergence of carbon emissions to zero by 2050: a technological and economic analysis of transportation and manufacturing systems.
  4. To develop management models and an economic model of a balanced set of systems based on renewable energy sources.
  5. To develop technological solutions for the accumulation and processing of data concerning carbon emissions from enterprises.
  6. To forecast the investment demand for low-carbon economy.
  7. To assess the risks for the economy during the period of the energy transitions: a global and country-wise analysis.
  8. To research, on the example of Russia, the economic consequences of the use of renewable energy sources as a replacement fossil power sources.
  9. To develop transportation mobility systems with reduced carbon output.
  10. To provide a geostrategic and economic analysis of materials for the transition to «green» power.
  11. To develop digital technologies for accounting, control, assessment and optimization in the decarbonization of operations of enterprises.
  12. To develop scenarios of the decarbonization of manufacturing and the harmoznization of the socio-economic landscapes of the society.
Research directions: Economics and Business

The practical value of the study

Planned project results:

  1. A system of target models of the economy accounting for the energy transition (low-carbon economy).
  2. Scenarios of transition to a low-carbon economy .
  3. Scenarios of    decarbonization of manufacturing and the harmonization of the socio-economic landscape of the society.
  4. A description of the consequences of transition to the model of low-carbon eceonomy.
  5. Models of the energy sector accounting for renewable energy sources being prioritized.
  6. Mathematical models of the energy transition.
  7. Models of transportation mobility systems to reduce carbon emissions.
  8. A methodology for the assessment of the investment demands of a low-carbon economy (at the level of the state, branches of economy, enterprises).
  9. A road map of the development of hydrogen power in Russia for the period until 2050.
  10. A methodology for the assessment of the risks of the transition to a low-carbon economy (at the level of the state, branches of economy, enterprises).
  11. A system of models  of the information technology and digital support of the management of the energy transition and the target state of the economy at the level of the state branches of economy, enterprises (including a description of digital technologies of accounting, control, assessment and optimization in the decarbonization of operations of enterprises).
  12. A system of requirements for materials used in low-carbon economy.

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International Scientific and Educational Laboratory for Technologies of Improvement of Wellbeing of Older Adults

Tomsk Polytechnic University - (TPU)

Economics and Business


Casati Fabio

Italy, USA

Barysheva Galina Anzelmovna



Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions (CSDSI)

New Economic School - (NES)

Economics and Business


Weber Shlomo

USA, Israel


Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

National Research University Higher School of Economics - (HSE University)

Economics and Business

Moscow, St. Petersburg

Thisse Jacques-François


Behrens Kristian