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Invited researcher

Nabiev Igor Rufailovich

Year of birth
Academic degree
Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Field of studies

Professor of faculties of medicine and pharmacology of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France)

Director of the Laboratory for research in nano-science LRN-EA4682 (France)

Director of the European Technological Platform « Semiconductor Nanocrystals» (France)

Leading scientist of the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute – MEPhI (Russia)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Nano-biotechnologies, nano-photonics, optics, nanomedicine

Quote by the head of the laboratory: The Laboratory has walked a path from innovative nanomaterials to prototypes of integral systems for diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of a variety of oncological diseases and infections.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2017 – Member of the editorial board of the «Russian Biotherapeutics Journal».

2016 – Lead scientific editor of the «Advances in Life Science and Medicine» journal (ALSM).

2015 – Member of the editorial board of the «Nano-Micro Letters» journal.

2015 – Ward of the European community for the best project in nanotechnologies and materials science.

2011–2015 – Recipient of the mega-grant of the Government of the Russian Federation within the Program for Engaging Leading Scientists in Russian Higher Education Institutions.

2014 – Member of the editorial board of the «Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics» (SAME).

2009 – Science Foundation Ireland ETS Walton Visitor Award.

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