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Academic degree
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Director of the Center for Cell Death, Injury & Regeneration of the Medical University of South Carolina (USA)

Director of the Hollings Cancer Center Cell & Molecular Imaging Shared Resource of the Medical University of South Carolina (USA); Director of the Advanced Cell Imaging Core of the Medical University of South Carolina (USA); Director of the NIH research program in bioenergetics, oxidative stress and metabolic syndromes (USA); Honorary professor, head of the Center of Advanced Cell Technologies of the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company United States (USA)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Apoptosis and necrosis, in vivo multiphoton imaging, ischemia/reperfusion, mitochondrial (patho)physiology, mitochondrial permeability, ferroptosis, mitophagy, iron and calcium homeostasis, organ preservation, potential-dependent mitochondrial channel(VDACs), Warburg phenomenon

Quote by the head of the laboratory: I am very happy that our project has commenced: it indicates that collaboration between Russia and the USA continues.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2013 – Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award for outstanding achievements in toxicology (United Kingdom).

2013, 2009 – Visiting Professor Thurman Lectureship Award for outstanding scientific achievements (USA).

2013, 2006 – Award of GlaxoSmithKline South Carolina Center of Economic Excellence Distinguished Endowed Chair in Advanced Cellular Technologies as acknowledgment of accomplishments in research of cell physiology (USA).

2013, 1987 – Visiting Professor Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Award for outstanding scientific achievement (USA).

2012 – Established Researcher of the Year Award for outstanding achievements (United Kingdom).

2007 – Honorary Membership in the Association of American Physicians for professional skills and research work (USA).

1982–1987 – Award of the Established Investigator American Heart Association for achievements in research of cell physiology (USA).

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