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Year of birth
Academic degree

professor at the the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory of the Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

General information

Leading scientist's research interests:

• Methods, processes, components, technologies and systems for collection, recuperation, research, conversion and/or accumulation of energy, for heating, cooling and electric power supply, new schemes of integration of «full energy» into highly-efficient systems with a focus on renewable and recycled heat and solar energy;

• Hybrid photoelectric (PV-T) collectors and solar combined cooling, heating and power supply systems (S-CCHP) in distributed systems;

• Recuperation of exhausted heat and conversion into heating, cooling and/or power supply with extended cycles;

• Accumulation of thermal energy and large-scale of electric energy by thermal processes;

• Nuclear energy thermohydraulics and new generation thermodynamic systems;

• Thermodynamics and effects of fluid glow/heat transfer in converter devices, heat-exchange unit and other high-efficiency components;

• Transport processes, heat and fluid flows in energy technologies, urban environments, physiological systems etc. including turbulent, inhomogeneous, multiphase and reacting flows;

• Multiphase and interphase flows including horizontal, vertical or inclined fluid-fluid or gas-fluid flows;

• New design and characterization of liquid mixing and bioreactor;

• Autoignition, combustion and flame propagation after ignition;

• Gasification of heavy petroleum and  coal and syngas extraction;

• Development and application of state-of-the-art diagnostics: high-resolution intrusive and non-intrusive (optical/laser) methods for measuring velocity, turbulence, particles, concentration, phase distribution, temperature, thermal flow and reaction with particle image velocity (PIV), particle tracking velocimettry (PTV), laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), infrared (IR) thermography and similar methods
Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2018 - «Best research award» Prize in the short-list of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE Global Awards) and Top 3 in the category «Energy».

- Short-list of the «Innovative technologies» Prize at the Energy Institute Awards award ceremony.

- Recipient of the «Best article» award from the organizers of the International Energy Seminar on Organic Rankine Cycle ORC 2017.

- Award «For the best research work» at the 3rd Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC) from the American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE)

- Article distinguished by the editorial board «Physical Review Fluids»: «Experimental research of fluid films flowing on an inclined flat surface».

- «Highly cited original article of the "Applied Energy" journal» Award (top 1%) for 2017.

- Award distinguished by the editorial board and the Outstanding article prize from the International Energy Seminar on Organic Rankine Cycle ORC 2015 in the nomination «Energy»: «Thermo-Economic and Heat Transfer Optimization of Working-Fluid Mixtures in a Low-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle System».

2017 - «Highly cited original article of the "Applied Energy" journal» Award (top 1%) for 2016

- Award for outstanding papers from organizers of the International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics HEFAT-2017 in the following fields:

Energy and environmental systems 1, ‘Research of optimal working fluids and architectures of cycles for systems with organic Rankine cycles using modern computer molecular design methodologies;

Energy and environmental systems 2, «Potential of organic Rankine cycles (ORC) for heat recycling in electric arc furnace (EAF)»;

Solar energy, «A new optical technique for precise flat measurements of film thickness and velocity in annular flows».

- Award from the President of the Imperial College London for outstanding achievements in research and medal (highest award) for an outstanding research team.

- 7th most cited article (since 2011) pf the «Heat Transfer Engineering» journal (Taylor & Francis): «A system for analysis of thermal loss in piston compressor and expanders».

2016 - Donald Julius Groen Prize for outstanding articles awarded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE).

- Cover article of an edition of the «Energies» journal: «Comparison of a novel organic-fluid thermofluidic heat converter and an organic Rankine cycle heat engine†».

- Award for outstanding papers from organizers of the International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics HEFAT-2016 in the following fields:

Energy accumulation, «Thermodynamic losses in a pneumatic spring: comparison of experimental and numerical results»;

Experimental methods, «Research of wave structure of films in annular flows using two simultaneous LIF approaches»;

Hydrodynamics, «Hydrodynamic characteristics of harmonically excited flows of thin films: experiments and computations».

2015 - Most downloaded article of the «Experimental Thermal & Fluid Science» journal: «Simultaneous flat laser-induced fluorescence, a method of measurement of velocity of particle images and tracking particles for research of flows of thin films of liquid».

2014 - Outstanding Paper Awards by the organizers of HEFAT2014 for Best Papers in:

Turbulence, «A Mechanism of Polymer Induced Drag Reduction in Turbulent Pipe Flow»;

Multiphase Flows, «On the Role of Inlet Flow Instabilities on Horizontal Initially Stratified Liquid-Liquid Flow Development»;

Applications, «Combined PLIF-IR Thermal Measurements of Wavy Film Flows Undergoing Forced Harmonic Excitation».

2012- Top-25 most popular articles of the «International Journal of Multiphase Flow» (Elsevier): «Characteristics of horizontal liquid-liquid flows in a circular pipe using simultaneous high-speed laser-induced fluorescence and particle velocimetry» (19th position in the 2012 Q4);

«Development of an excitation wave in a two-phase gas-liquid in an upward annual flow» (6th position in 2019 Q3, 13th position in the whole 2013;

- Award for outstanding papers from organizers of the International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics HEFAT-2012 for the paper in thermodynamics «A system for analysis of thermal losses in reciprocating compressors and expanders».

2010 - Award for young scientists for the best article «Flame dynamics in a micro-channeled combustor» at the 8th International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ICCMSE).

2005 - John Winbolt Prize from the University of Cambridge for the best journal paper «An experimental study of hydrogen autoignition in a turbulent co-flow of heated air».

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