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Contract number
075-15-2019-1888, 075-15-2022-1043
Time span of the project

As of 30.01.2020

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Name of the project: Intensification of heat exchange processes in multiphase systems to increase efficiency and security of modern energy technologies

Goals and objectives

Project objective: Creation of a new world-class laboratory to develop of physical foundations of intensification of heat and mass exchange in multiphase flows at the fundamental level using micro- and nanostructured surfaces with inhomogeneous hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties in the light of determining physical and chemical processes in multiphase flows at the macro and nanoscale.

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Other laboratories and scientists
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Field of studies
Invited researcher
Time span of the project
Laboratory of Metal-hydride-based Power Engineering Technologies

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the RAS

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Lototskiy Mikhail Vladimirovich

, South Africa


Laboratory of Solid-fuel Power Waste Recycling

South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) named after M.I. Platov - (SURPU (NPI))

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Chaudhary Sandeep



Laboratory for Heat Exchange Control in Phase and Chemical Transformations

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of the Siberian Branch of RAS - (IT SB RAS)

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Sunden Bengt Aake