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Academic degree

Professor of Computational Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science and School of Data Science at City University of Hong Kong (China PR)

General information

Professor Wang Jun is a renowned world-class specialist in machine learning, neurodynamics, optimisation and multiscale problems. At various times, the scientist has been a member of many technological committees in professional associations, including the IEEE, the Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly, the International Federation of Automatic Control, and China Neural Networks Council as well as a member of dissertation boards in more than 15 universities. Among his many scientific and applied projects the following are worth noting:

  • developments related to the analysis and design of recurrent neural networks for the solution of optimisation problems in real-time and their application for routing in intelligent transportation systems
  • works in the kinematic and dynamic control of auxiliary manipulators in intelligent robotic systems;
  • developments in the field of robust pole assignment in intelligent control systems;
  • signal separation and pattern recognition in intelligent data processing systems.

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Leading scientist's research interests: computational intelligence, computer science, engineering, neural networks.

Scientific recognition
Awards and achievements:

2018 — Distinguished Lecturer of the The IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society.

2016 — Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

2016 — Wu Wen Jun AI Science & Technology Award in artificial intelligence (Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence).

2014 — Neural Networks Pioneer Award of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

2012 — Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society;

2012 — IAPR Fellow..

2011 — Research Excellence Award by the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Society.

2011 —Foreign expert of the Chinese Central Government.

2011 — Neural Networks Pioneer Award from the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

2011 — Natural Science Award (first class) by the Ministry of Education of China PR.

2009 — Natural Science Awards (first prize) from Shanghai Municipal Government.

2009 — Research Excellence Award (City University of Hong Kong, China PR).

2007 — IEEE Scholarship.

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