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Invited researcher

Sadovnikov Alexandr Vladimirovich

Laboratory for Spin-orbitronics
Year of birth
Academic degree
Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics

Assistant professor at the Department of Open Systems Physics of the N. G. Chernyshevskiy Saratov State University (Russia)

General information


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Leading scientist's research interests: physics of magnetic nanostructures, spin waves, spin current, spin-Hall, spin torque, magnetic structures, micromagnetic modeling, magnonic crystal, linked structures, ferromagnetic film, Mandelstam-Brillouin spectroscopy, photonic crystal, Bragg lattice, Bragg soliton, microwave oscillation generation.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2022 — Winner of a competition for master’s degree programs professors, grant competition 2022/2023 (Russia).

2022 — «Young scientist» badge (Russia).

2021 — Award for high achievements in the socio-economic development of the city with induction to the Board of Honor (Russia).

2018 — Professor Vladlen S. Letokhov Medal (Russia).

2017 — Winner of the Youth Program named after Pyotr Stolypin (Russia).

2016 — Received an award from the Government of the City of Moscow for young researcehrs (Russia).

2015 — Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences with an award for young researchers and university students (Russia).

2014 — Scholarship for conducting research of magnetic micro- and nanostructures using a complex for the Brillouin spectroscopy of magnetic materials (Germany).

2011, 2014 — Winner of grant competitions (Travel Award).

2012 — Winner of the «UMNIK» competition (Russia).

2008 — Winner of a program of Vladimir Potanin Foundation (Russia).

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