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Invited researcher

Zinoviyev Vasiliy Pavlovich

Academic degree
Doctor of Sciences in History
Field of studies

Professor at the Department of Russian History of the Faculty Historical and Political Sciences of Tomsk State University (Russia)

General information


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Scientist's research interests: social sciences.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

2021 – «Professor of the year» (Russian Professor Assembly, Russia).

2019 – «For valiant labor in Tomsk State University» (Russia).

2018 – «Professor of the year» (Russian Professor Assembly, nomination in Siberian Federal District, Russia).

2016 – Badge of honor «For merit in education» (Russia).

2016 – Honorary professor of Tomsk State University (Russia).

2014 – Jubilee medal «70th anniversary of Tomsk Oblast» (Russia).

2014 – Honorary worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation (Russia).

2013, 2009 – Honorary certificate from the Administration of the Tomsk region (Russia).

2009 – Silver medal «For contribution to the development of Tomsk State University» (Russia).

2009 – Laureate Diploma at the competition of the Tomsk region in education, science, healthcare and culture for high achievements in education and science that contribute to the strengthening of the prestige of the research and education complex of the Tomsk region and in the whole world (Russia).

2004 – Jubilee medal «400th anniversary of Tomsk» (Russia).

2003 – Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation (Russia).

1998 – Honorary certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Russia).

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