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Invited researcher

Theodorus "Theo" Henricus Maria Rasing

Year of birth
Academic degree

Professor at the University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

General information
Theo Rasing has authored pioneering works in the field of new linear and nonlinear optical methods of the research and manipulation of molecules and materials in the nanometer range and at the femtosecond temporal scale. His research is focused on the statistic and dynamic properties of magnetic nanostructures and multilayers. The researcher has developed a methodology of the generation of magnetically induced second optical harmonic as well as a number of highly sensitive methodologies in the geometry of pump-probing. His most prominent recent achievements in the field of spin dynamics is manipulating the state using light, particularly with magnetization switching using femtosecond laser pulses. As of today, Professor Rasing has authored over 500 publications in international journals, including Nature, Science and Physical Review Letters, which have been cited more than 18 000 times. The researcher has initiated and coordinated a vast number of domestic and international partnership programs.


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Leading scientist's research interests: magneto-optics.

Scientific recognition
Awards and achievements:

2019 - Synergy Grant from the European Research Council.

2010 – Member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences

2009 - Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Magnetics Society.

2008 — Science and Society Award.

2008 - Spinoza Award (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research).

2007 — Award in Physics from the Netherlands' Physical Society.

- Nominated for the first annual academic award in the Netherlands (Academische Jaarprijs) for the popularization of science.

- Elected to the Academy of Europe.

- Honorary professor of the Wuhan University of Technology (China PR).

- Honorary member of the Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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