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As of 01.11.2022

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Name of the project: Neuromorphic optical systems based on phase-change materials

Goals and objectives

Project objective: Creation of the world-class interdisciplinary laboratory «neuromorphic optical systems» and conducting fundamental and applied research in the domain of development of materials with optical memory and phenomenological approaches to application of their functional capabilities in synapse-like structures and integrated optical systems based on them

The practical value of the study

Scientific results:

  1. In phase-change materials (PCM) we found a new effect of nanotectonic compression previously unknown in chalcogenide, oxide and halide compounds, the essence of which is the crystallization of the high-pressure metallic phase (4–8 GPa) in an amorphous matrix of a PCM. This effect allows to significantly increase the optical and electrical contrast between the SET and RESET states, to reduce power consumption for multi-level data recording, as well as to develop new PCMs for neuromorphic optical systems and energy-independent memory.
  2. Using low-temperature sublimation based on gallium tellurides and sulfides, we produced new promising PCMs that can be used in a wide spectral range from middle IR to the visible range of the spectrum and at high temperatures.
  3. For the first time we have obtained 3D glass-like GeTe2 as a source material for next-generation PCMs with fast local diffusion.
  4. We have demonstrated the possibility of creating a terahertz synapse based on a high-Q-factor ring resonator coupled with a waveguide. The possibility of changing the parameters of the transmission function of the terahertz synapse will allow to use it to implement sensor functions in integrated neuromorphic data acquisition and processing systems.
  5. Our researchers have proposed a design of reconfigurable metasurfaces on the basis of new PCMs for designing and manufacturing controlled sensor elements for the IR and THz range.

Education and career development:

  • We have organized and are staging the annual international conference «Materials for neuromorphic systems».
  • New education programs developed by the employees of the Laboratory are used in the training of scientific and teaching personnel in the postgraduate school of the Federal Research Center «Crystallography and photonics» of the Russian Academy of Sciences .

Organizational and infrastructural transformations:

On the basis of the Laboratory an infrastructural complex of clean rooms has been built. A unique laser measurement complex has been built and is operating that relies on an Astrella tunable femtosecond laser system and a Topas optical parametric amplifier, with a multi-channel registration system for the range from UV to middle IR.

We installed and tuned an efficient platform for modeling from the first principles on the computational facilities of the Federal Research Center «Crystallography and photonics» of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It allows to use molecular dynamics both with standard and with hybrid functionals; young employees of the Laboratory have been trained in modeling from the first principles.


In collaboration with leading international research centers on «mega-science» facilities (third-generation synchrotrons and pulsed neutron sources), we are conducting research of new PCMs.

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Laboratory «Hybrid modeling and optimization methods in complex systems»

Siberian federal University - (SibFU)

Computer and information sciences


Stanimirović Predrag Stefan



Laboratory «Research of ultra-low-latency network technologies with ultra-high density based on the extensive use of artificial intelligence for 6G networks»

The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

Computer and information sciences

St. Petersburg

Abd El-Latif Ahmed Abdelrahim



Laboratory for Non-linear and Microwave Photonics

Ulyanovsk State University - (USU)

Computer and information sciences


Taylor James Roy

United Kingdom, Ireland