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Contract number
Time span of the project
General information

Name of the project: 

Creation of the Laboratory of Crystallography

Goals and objectives

Goals of project:

Searching for methods of the creation of new photonic and optoelectronic devices with specified optical properties determined by the modifications of their crystalline structure

Project objective: 

  1. Creating new materials based on halide perovskites using heteroepitaxy, modification of the inorganic framework, functionalization of organic cations and controlled introduction of defects to augment them with new functional properties.
  2. Researching the possibility of using created novel materials and structures in various domains of photonics, including information photonics, white luminophores and polaritonic devices functioning at room temperature.
Research directions: Physics and astronomy
The practical value of the study
Planned project results:

  1. Developing a technology for the liquid-phase heteroepitaxy of halide perovskites for the creation of layered nanostructures.
  2. Determining the influence of the structure of the inorganic framewors of halide perovskites on their optical characteristics for the creation of materials with desired properties.
  3. Implementing new fundamental capabilities and increasing the stability of low-dimensional halide perovskites by functionalizing organic cations.
  4. Tuning the optical properties of halide perovskite by the targeted formation of structure defects of a specified type.
  5. Demonstrating the possibility of using excitons in hybrid perovskites for the creation of information photonic devices.
  6. Developing whit luminophores based on halide perovskites.
  7. Demonstrating the feasibility of the concept of polaritonic devices based on halide perovskites working at room temperature.

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Other laboratories and scientists
Hosting organization
Field of studies
Invited researcher
Time span of the project
Laboratory for Synchrotron Radiation Detectors

Tomsk State University - (TSU)



Shekhtman Lev Isayevich



Laboratory «Quantum engineering of light»

South Ural State University (national research university) - (SUSU)



Kulik Sergey Pavlovich



Laboratory for Microwave Photonics and Magnonics named after B. A. Kalinikos

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» - (ETU LETI)


St. Petersburg

Kostylev Mikhail Pavlovich

Australia, Russia