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Years of life
1951 - 2016
Academic degree
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Field of studies
General information

Leading scientist's research interests: Development of fiber lasers and amplifiers, spectroscopy of rare-earth laser materials, research of photon-crystal materials, technologies of ultra-short-pulse lasers; semiconductor lasers and semiconductor disk lasers

Quote by the head of the laboratory: We want to achieve new quality instead of quantity ad we strive to solve key problems that lead to breakthrough results. At the same time we are trying to publish our works in journals with high impact factor even if the overall number of articles decreases.

Scientific recognition

Awards and achievements:

– Pioneering works in semiconductor disk lasers based on quantum dots.

– New methods of dispersion compensation using photon crystals and photonic-crystal fiber.

– Research and development of new saturable absorbers for ultra-short-pulse optics.

– Widening of generation spectrum and increase of power of semiconductor disk lasers.

– Demonstration of interactions between solitons in dissipative systems.

– Invention of an ultra-short-pulse fiber laser with mode synchronization that uses a nonlinear single-band ring resonator

– The first demonstration of a short-pulse semiconductor laser based on linked resonators with adjustable frequencies of two frequencies (for an external or integrated resonator).

– A new method of laser diagnostics of materials based on spectrallyresolved relaxation oscillations.

– Development of a fiber amplifier with single-lateral-mode lasers based on optimized conical multi-mode fiber adapted to generation of high-energy pulses.

– Award for innovation, «New technologies in microprocessing of materials», – Finnish foundation «New Technologies».

– Senior research grant – Academy of Finland.

– First degree prize – P. N. Leedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

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Hosting organization
Field of studies
Invited researcher
Time span of the project
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