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415 applications submitted for the eighth “mega-grants” competition

Четверг , 20.08.2020

The competition committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has reviewed the documents comprising the applications submitted to the 8th “mega-grants” competition.

List of the applications accepted for participation in the 8th “mega-grant”competition
49 applications were dismissed as inadmissible
List of rejected applications participation in the 8th “mega-grant”competition
Two applications have been revoked by the participants and were not reviewed by the competition committee.
List of revoked applications for p articipation in the 8th “mega-grant”competition

The most common causes of rejection of applications were:
⁃ failure to comply with the requirements for the composition of the academic staff: a laboratory hosted by a higher education institution  should have at least 3 candidates is sciences, 2 postgraduate students, 3 undergraduate students while a laboratory hosted by a scientific organization should feature at least3 candidates of sciences and 4 postgraduate students.
⁃ the values of the scientolmetric of the leading scientist recruited by the higher education institution or scientific organization for supervision of scientific research are lower than prescribed by the requirements set by the competition documentation 
⁃ failure to comply with the requirements for full-time  presence of the leading science at the created laboratory 
⁃ submission of the application only in the electronic or only uh the printed form.