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Laboratory for Biomedical Technologies, Medical Devices and Acoustic Diagnostics

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As of 30.01.2020

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General information

Name of the project: Interdisciplinary research on the interface between physics (radiophysics, acoustics, laser physics, microwave physics) and building unique devices for the needs of biomedicine as well as diagnostic methods applied to materials science and Earth studies

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: в

Goals and objectives

Research directions: Nonlinear ultrasound and acoustical diagnostics, laser devices for medicine, microwave devices for medical applications, signal and image processing, computer modeling

Project objective: Creating radiophysical basis for innovative technologies applied to medicine to conduct fundamental research in nonlinear ultrasound, acoustic diagnostics, laser devices for medicine, microwave devices for medical applications, image and signal processing and computer modeling

The practical value of the study

  • We have proposed new nonlinear integral differential equations generalizing a broad class of «reference» nonlinear wave physics equations, conducted group analysis of those equations and found exact solutions. We have developed applications to interesting occasional and regular waves in biotissue and vessels.
  • The Laboratory has proposed a classification: strongly nonlinear waves with strongly expressed weak nonlinearity.
  • Our researchers have found exact solutions of: generalization of the Heisenberg equation for distributed systems and Burgers' equation for a cubically nonlinear environment.
  • We have studied new phenomena: instability of compression shock waves, stability of decompression shock waves, corpuscular qualities of singular solutions and others.
  • We have proposed a new approach to building elastographic images in optical coherence tomography, that allows to reconstruct relative distribution of stiffness of biotissue deformed by an OCT probe. The new approach is based on assessing stability of preserving cross-correlation between various regions of deformed biological tissue.
  • A method has been developed for nonstationary spectroscopy of the THz frequency range to analyze multicomponent gas mixtures including exhaled air.
  • We have developed a wide-range spectrometer (117–178 THz) for solving medical and biological tasks.

Implemented results of research: 

  • We have created prototypes of devices, educational laboratory appliances and case study problems: acoustic reagentless blood analyzer (lipid spectrum, protein content concentration), vibration viscometer, acoustic thermograph, obesity diagnostics system, microwave diagnostics of exhaled air, optical tissue microelastograph.
  • The «BIOM» reagentless blood analyzer has been invented, a prototype has passed test in clinics.
  • We have created the «BODYSONICS» device for determining structure of fat layer during screening.

Education and career development: We have read several special courses: «Acoustic research in biology and medicine», «Spectroscopy methods in medicine and biology», «Interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems and living organisms», «Ultrasound echosemiotics of resected parenchymal organs», «Ultrasound in medicine.

Organizational and structural changes: We have established the «BIOM-NSTU. Bioacoustic analyzers» LLC small enterprise.

Other results: The Laboratory has implemented the idea to create a reagentless acoustic analyzer for determining lipid components in blood serum. This will allow for screening of various age groups and finding risks of cardiovascular pathology.


  • Moscow State University (Russia): joint research of nonlinear acoustic waves, collaborative seminars and publications
  • Volga District Medical Center of the Federal Agency for Medicine and Biology of Russia: joint research of elastography of soft biological tissue, joint interregional conference «Union of physicists and medics»

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