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As of 30.01.2020

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Name of the project:  Modeling power processes at the modern complexity level

Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Priority Level: б

Goals and objectives

Research directions:

- Processes in hydropower devices accompanied by significantly non-stationary phenomena, cavitation and cavitation erosion

- Processes of combustion of gas phase, fluid and solid fuels in combustion chamber of power and aircraft turbines (including under high pressure), coal boilers etc.

- Processes related to propagation of admixture in the atmosphere and water environments; processes of evaporation, combustion and self-preservation of gas hydrates

Project objective: Supercomputer modeling and modern experimental diagnostics of turbulent multi-phase and reacting flows to enhance modern technologies in power generation and power efficiency

The practical value of the study

  • We have found a method to influence gas currents that allows to increase efficiency of torch combustion at the initial sector as well as to significantly reduce soot formation. Obtained results have huge importance for increasing efficiency o combustion in various industrial devices (gas turbines, boilers, internal combustion engines etc.). Developed methods of gas flow control in various conditions of swirling that impact combustion processes will be useful for modern burning devices.
  • The Laboratory has developed modern computer models for describing turbulent flows in elements of conveyance tract of turbines including with quantization. In the suction pipe of a hydroturbine (in the circumstances of strong swirling under overloading or idling the turbine) we have found huge vortices and intense secondary flows reducing its efficiency. Developed approaches to modeling flows in conveyance tracts of hydroturbines based on a combination of experiment, fast forecasting of working sectors and computer modeling can be used to optimize flow-through parts of hydrturbines to increase dynamic reliability and efficiency of hydro power stations.
  • The Laboratory has developed a new method of mechanoactivated pounding of coal that allows to increase their chemical activity facilitate ignition and providing more efficient combustion which has huge importance for developing new technologies of ecologically friendly and safe utilization of coal in power generation. The developed method of computer modeling of combustion of mechanoactivated is currently used both for developing new furnace chamber and for modernizing existing ones.
  • We have conducted modeling of weather conditions near Krasnoyarsk. We have found that because of uneven distribution of surface temperature a large scale flow forms over that city that is directed from the suburbs of the city towards the river. These results allow to understand reasons of negative ecological situation in Krasnoyarsk where along with high rate of industrial pollution atmospheric processes occur that lead to pollutants accumulate over the city.

Education and career development:

  • Career enhancement program «Modern models of transfer processes in atmospheric, engineering and medical applications» devoted to showcasing scientific achievements and modern approaches to mathematical and quantitative modeling of hydroaerodynamics and transfer processes in problems of modeling atmospheric and oceanic processes, geodynamics, some industrial applications. The program is aimed at employees, students and postgraduates of faculties of physics and mechanics & mathematics of the Novosibirsk State University.
  • New career enhancement program «Writing scientific articles in English». The program's goal is to help the Novosibirsk State University to achieve the most important goal of the next decade – to enter top hundred in world university rankings.
  • 3 doctoral dissertations and 11 candidate dissertations have been defended.


Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), Univerisity of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), TU Berlin (Germany), University of Melbourne (Australia): joint works within contracts with Gencell Ltd (Israel), «Power Machines» JSC (Russia), United Engine Corporation (Russia), NIKIET JSC (Russia), Aviadvigatel Ltd (Russia), Sigma Pro Ltd (Russia), TsNIIMash (Russia), NPO Motor (Russia), Lyulka design bureau (Russia)

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Chernetskiy M.Yu., Dekterev A.A., Burdukov A.P., Hanjalić K.
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Hrebtov M., Hanjalić K.
Numerical Study of Winter Diurnal Convection Over the City of Krasnoyarsk: Effects of Non-freezing River, Undulating Fog and Steam Devils. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 163: 469–495 (2017).
Timoshevskiy M.V., Zapryagaev I.I., Pervunin K.S., Maltsev L.I., Markovich D.M., Hanjalić K.
Manipulating cavitation by a wall jet: Experiments on a 2D hydrofoil. International Journal of Multiphase Flow 99: 312–328 (2017).
Chernetskiy M., Dekterev A., Chernetskaya N., Hanjalić K.
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Litvinov I., Shtork S., Gorelikov E., Mitryakov A., Hanjalic K.
Unsteady regimes and pressure pulsations in draft tube of a model hydro turbine in a range of off-design conditions. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 91: 410–422 (2018).
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Laboratory of Metal-hydride-based Power Engineering Technologies

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the RAS

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Lototskiy Mikhail Vladimirovich

, South Africa


Laboratory of Solid-fuel Power Waste Recycling

South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) named after M.I. Platov - (SURPU (NPI))

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Chaudhary Sandeep



Laboratory for Heat Exchange Control in Phase and Chemical Transformations

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of the Siberian Branch of RAS - (IT SB RAS)

Energy and rational natural resources usage


Sunden Bengt Aake