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Laboratory for Statistical Multi-omics and Bio-informatics

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Name of the project: The development of high-performance computational tools for the complex analysis of multi-omics data and the evolvement of personalised medicine

Goals and objectives

The project is aimed at the development of high-productivity computational tools for complex analysis of multi-omics data and the development of personalised medicine. To achieve this, we a planning to create a laboratory for statistical multi-omics at the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics of the Ufa Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBG UFRC RAS). A high-performance computing cluster and an open online platform for data collection and analysis will also be created. The research will be conducted using existing biological samples and phenotypic data of the IBG UFRC RAS that is a centre for deposition and storage of unique gene banks of the DNAs of   aboriginal inhabitants of various regions of Russia as well as of patients with various diseases and their family members.

We are also planning to expand the biological collection of the IBG UFRC RAS by adding of a deeply phenotyped set. Additionally, the laboratory is planning to conduct a full-genome genotyping for the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying the formation of complex characteristics, including cardiometabolic features, the individual psychological profile (inclination to aggressive behaviour and depression), and sporting characteristics.

To this end, we will use methods of multi-phenotype analysis that were developed under the supervision of Inga Prokopenko and tested using major databases of genotype and clinical data, such as «UK Biobank».

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Laboratory of Revolutionary Trophology

A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of RAS - (IEE RAS)



Gisbert Enric Casas



Research Laboratory «‎Regulatory Genomics»

Kazan Federal University - (KFU)



Hayashizaki Yoshihide



Laboratory for Infectious Plant Diseases

Kazan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences - (FRC KazSC of RAS)



Korzun Viktor Nikolayevich

Gorshkov Vladimir Yurievich