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Laboratory of the Microangiopathic Mechanisms of Atherogenesis

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General information

Name of the project:

The creation of a laboratory of the microangiopathic mechanisms of atherogenesis

Goals and objectives

Goals of project: 

To obtain new knowledge on the role of microcirculation dysfunction of blood and artery lymph vessels in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and to improve treatment and prevention on the basis of this new knowledge.

Project objective:

  1. To develop an experimental model of atherosclerosis on rabbits and non-human primates on the basis of a local ischemia of arterial wall, lymph flow disorders leading to dysfunction of arterial microvessels and to assess its pathomorphological characteristics and pathophysiological features of microlymphodynamics — in comparison with those in the classical hypercholesterolemic model of atherosclerosis;
  2. To research the relationship between infections (including COVID-19), dislipidemie and autoimmune processes in failure/dysfunction of vasa vasorum in aterogenesis on bioptates and human autopsy material;
  3. To assess the relationship between aterosclerotic disorders and the distribution and function of vasa vasorum in humans and primates with spontaneous atherosclerosis in vivo;
  4. To conduct experimental therapy by physiotherapy exercises on models of aterosclerosis and on large groups of humans for the purpose of improving lymph and blood flow in the arterial microvasculature;
  5. To substantiate optimal schemes of pathogenetically substantiated antiatherogenic pharmacotherapy on patients and selection of patients for surgery.
Research directions: Medical sciences and Health studies

The practical value of the study

Planned project results:

  • Newly developed experimental models of atherogenesis accounting for microhemolymphocirculation arterial wall disorders.
  • New knowledge on the etiology and parthenogenesis of aterosclerosis.
  • New approaches and enhanced methods of the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis (that will be protected as inventions by patenting).

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Time span of the project
Research Laboratory «Molecular Immunology»

Kazan Federal University - (KFU)

Fundamental medicine


Simon Hans-Uwe



Laboratory for Theranostics in Urologic Oncology

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University - (Sechenov University)

Fundamental medicine


Thierry Jean Paul Roger


Khaidukov Yevgeniy Valeriyevich



«Smart Sleep» Laboratory

Saratov Chernyshevsky State University - (SGU)

Fundamental medicine


Penzel Thomas