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Contract number
Time span of the project
General information

Name of the project:

The development of substitutes for the foreign imported technology of the production of bioresorbable fixation systems made of magnesium alloys for osteosynthesis and   reconstructive treatment in medicine and veterinary medicine.

Goals and objectives

Goals of project: 

To research the biocompatibility and bioresorption properties of alloys based on magnesium for the development of a technology for the manufacturing of systems for the fixation of hard tissues and subsequent osteogenesis and reconstructive interventions in various domains of medicine.

Project objective: 

  1. To create new biomaterials possessing controllable resorption rate and specified    bioresistivity properties in biological media on the example of biocompatible alloys based on magnesium, zinc and iron as well as smart polymer medical materials.
  2. To develop industrial technologies for the production of medical products such as screws, pins etc. for the fixation of osteosynthesis of hard tissues in maxillofacial surgery, adult and  pediatric traumatology, neurosurgery (traumatic brain injury surgery and spinal trauma) as well as in veterinary medicine, including additive technologies for the manufacturing of biomimetic structures and structures produced by applying new approaches in 3D/4D printing for the manufacturing of  customized structural solutions.
  3. To conduct the preclinical and clinical testing of the most promising solutions for bioresorbable systems for the fixation and osteosynthesis of hard tissues to subsequently attain medical product registration certificate.
  4. To provide methodological and educational support to the practical use of the medical products developed with the participation of the Laboratory. 
Research directions: Medical sciences and health studies

The practical value of the study

Planned project results:

Within the project we will develop a range of implantable screws, pins, of various standard sizes made of a bioresorbable magnesium alloy (alloys). The products are intended for use in craniofacial surgery, maxillofacial surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, neurosurgery and spinal surgery, dentistry, for fracture fixation (osteosynthesis) and other reconstructive surgeries.

The following scientific and technological results  will be achieved:

  1. An alloy (alloys) on the basis of magnesium  demonstrating  biocompatibility and slow resorption (at least 4 months in the human organism) as well as mechanical properties that are sufficient for its use in bioresorbable implants (tensile strength of 300 MPa).
  2. A design of screws (fixation devices) made of  bioresorbable magnesium alloys for osteosynthesis.
  3. A technology for  producing blanks of magnesium alloys, semi-finished products made of them by means of extrusion as well as a technology for producing fasteners by turning-milling using machines with computer numerical control. Information on the R&D work performed within the project, a description of scientific ant technological problems that should be solved for the development of a medical device. We will also study the biocompatibility of a number of proposed candidate magnesium alloys (Mg-Ga-Zn, Mg-Zn-Ca-Mn and Mg-Y-Zn) in in vitro and in vivo testing. This is necessary for the selection of an alloy (alloys) that will be used in the product. In case of high cytotoxicity of the alloys, we will review methods of its reduction by applying coatings or  performing surface treatment that allow to manage the bioresorption rate. Simultaneously we will develop technologies for the production of blanks for manufacturing implants  (casting of bars of magnesium alloys with subsequent hot extrusion) as well as obtaining products (mechanical processing).

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Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

ITMO University - (ITMO)

Health sciences

St. Petersburg

Bendahan David



Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov - (NArFU)

Health sciences


Thomassen Yngvar