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Contract number
Time span of the project
General information

Name of the project:

The creation of a scientific basis for the control of the safety of food raw materials in the context of the rapidly developing market of agricultural products.

Goals and objectives
Goals of project: 

To research the ecotoxic properties of groups of pesticides used in agriculture (herbicides, algaecides, insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, bactericides, zoocides, rodenticides and nematicides) in long-term (chronic) experiments involving plant and animal models with a focus on the study of the influence of a mixture of pesticides in nontoxic doses (NOAEL) for the creation of a scientific basis for the food safety of Russia to prevent dangerous food products from entering Russia.

Project objective: 
  1. To conduct a comprehensive ecotoxicity assessment of mixtures of various groups of pesticides in vivo on plant and animal models in short-term, mid-term and long-term experiments.
  2. To study the impact of a mixture of pesticides in NOAEL doses on the secondary metabolites of bacteria and plants.
  3. To investigate the embryotoxic effects of a mixture of pesticides from various manufacturers in NOAEL doses, positive control with pure substances manifested by the manufacturers in the same concentrations.
  4. To research the features of the accumulation and catabolism of pesticides in various agricultural plant cultures.
  5. To study the catabolism of pesticides in bacteria that are resistant to them.
  6. To study the influence of pesticides on annelids and entomophagous insects .
  7. To review the accumulation of pesticides in cattle depending on the fodder base.
  8. To develop recommendations and methodological approaches to the reduction of the content of hazardous substances in agricultural products. 
Research directions: Agricultural sciences

The practical value of the study

Planned project results:

  • We will collect fundamental data on the ecotoxic properties of all the types of pesticides used in Russia and imported from abroad.
  • Data on the embryotoxic action of a mixture of pesticides from various manufacturers     in NOAEL doses.
  • Data on the impact of a mixture of pesticides in NOAEL doses on each of the elements of the ecosystem of agricultural fields (soil, bacteria, worms, insects, plants).
  • Discovered peculiarities of the accumulation and catabolism of pesticides in various agricultural plant cultures. Information on parts of a plant where accumulation predominantly occurs, where the products of catabolism are accumulated in cells, how it influences  the plant as a whole and what solutions can be implemented.
  • An analysis of the results of the influence of mixtures of pesticides on each of the components of the ecosystem, on the process of soil remediation and on the catabolism of each individual pesticide. Established limits of risk for the ecosystem and control points for analysis to determine the general level of contamination of the ecosystem by pesticides. 
  • Recommendations on the norms of the use of pesticides, which pesticides are not recommended for joint use and how many years it takes to change between various types of pesticides without significant damage to the ecosystem.
  • At least 36 articles  in journals indexed by Web of Science, Scopus and Russian Science Citation Index will be published from 2022 to 2024, of which 27 will be in Q1 journals.

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Time span of the project
International Laboratory for the Creation of Means of Prevention of Socially Significant Infenctions of Productive Animals

The Russian State Center for Animal Feed and Drug Standardization and Quality - (VGNKI)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


Karlyshev Andrey Vladimirovich



Grain Quality Assessment Laboratory

Omsk State Agrarian University named after P. A. Stolypin - (Omsk SAU)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


Koksel Hamit



Centre for Isotope Bio-geochemistry

Tyumen State University - (UTMN)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


Kuzyakov Yakov Viktorovich